An ecological green company, and is amongst the most respected and well-known EPC commerical, utility solar energy systems, products and services

A meticulous approach that over delivers the final result


Partnering with leading solar PV components manufacturing companies, we offers comprehensive solar feasibility and design services, construction and delivery, and competitive product supply channels. We are able to provide complete EPC solutions or tailored solutions which complement the future solar PV system owners’ requirements.

Our EPC Services solution gives you the versatility to decide whether your project requires our complete three-phase offering of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) or just one of these select specialist services. Once our Project Development team have handled all aspects involved in acquiring, investing or financially backing a planned future development or a partly developed or constructed project, our EPC Services team step in to competently deliver a fully commissioned turnkey solar project.


Our specialist in-house Solar Engineers design the project to match pre-determined requirements and site-specific details. Before the engineering design is finalised, yield simulation tests are run to make sure it is the most efficient and productive configuration possible.


The Solar Engineers and Project Construction Managers work closely with our Procurement Team to ensure all our ‘Tier One’ products are able to be supplied and delivered on-site and on time. ECE exclusively uses ‘Tier One’ crystalline solar modules and conducts independent QA audits and testing on all solar module products. Tier One modules achieve a higher energy output, longer life-span and are supported with a quality warranty to suit standards and remote weather conditions.


From the preparation of the project documentation to the handover of the turnkey solar plant, we finalises the project paperwork and applies our experience-based project and global quality standards to ensure all contractors and sub-contractors are performing to requirement. During the construction phase, each project is led by an experienced Project Construction Manager, who oversees each and every project milestone. Our Project Construction Managers and team also encourage employing local labourers and sub-contractors, helping to train and support remote local economies and communities.