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The Solar Energy Storage Solution, The Next Step in Your Solar Future









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Storage Is the New Solar: Batteries and PV Create an Unstoppable Hybrid Force for Residential and Commercial Solar Systems

Great progress is being made with more compact, cost effective and efficient battery storage systems. These systems use lithium ion batteries because they are lighter (wall-mountable) and capable of many more charge-discharge cycles. Although still more expensive than lead acid batteries, volume manufacturing for the electric vehicle industry is spurring significant price reductions. In addition to new battery technology, these home storage systems also employ advanced electronics and software control systems to further reduce costs and increase functionality.

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Why Professionals Choose OutBack Power

Combining world-class knowledge with reliable and robust power electronics, OutBack Power is the first-choice for professional installers, designers and distributors of renewable energy systems across the globe. OutBack provides a wide range of renewable solutions for homes and businesses, including off-grid and grid/hybrid installations, to maximize solar output, reduce ongoing operating costs and promote sustainable energy independence.

Whether you’re planning your next renewable energy solution, integrating product into an existing system, or seeking a long-lasting business partnership, OutBack has the tools and resources to deliver sustainable system solutions that reduce costs and improve reliability over the life of your power installation.

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Our company is a world leader in solar energy generation and continues to innovate with the introduction to America, Europe and the Asia Pacific its Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS). The HESS technology is purpose-built to run on either off-grid, fringe-of-grid or on-grid power system set-ups.

The system provides demandable renewable power supply 24hrs/7days a week and is able to keep providing power when the sun isn’t shining. For off-grid and fringe-of-grid sites, it will improve power quality and heavily reduce reliance on diesel generators or completely replace them. For on-grid sites, it can provide voltage and frequency control, short-circuit power supply and enable solar to integrate seamlessly into the grid network.


Residential and Commercial Backup Power System with Inverter and Batteries

Solar systems with batteries will continue to make use of the electricity generated by your solar panels, keeping your battery bank charged until grid power resumes. They are a great source of emergency backup power during the night, blackouts from hurricanes, tornadoes and severe weather.

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How do these Grid-tie Systems with Battery Backup work?

When the grid is running properly, your home or business will use power generated from your solar panels or pull electricity from the grid. Any excess power generated over and above your needs go back to your utility company for credits on your power bill in areas where net-metering is available. In the event of grid blackouts or at night, these systems will switch to "off-grid mode" drawing power stored in your battery bank to power your home and business.

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Commercial Backup Power System with Inverter and Batteries

OutBack’s inverter/chargers provide clean reliable backup power almost instantaneously in the event of a power outage. Our system is designed to work with larger battery banks providing much longer backup times than typical uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Our inverter/charger is also designed to work in conjunction with a generator for longer runtimes.

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Grid-Interactive - Residential With Grid-Interactive Inverters, Charge Controller and Batteries

Did you know that if utility power is lost with a traditional grid-tie inverter, the operator cannot use the renewable energy source?

For people who want the ability to sell back renewable energy power to the utility through net metering, and also want the ability to use their renewable energy source in the event of a utility power failure, OutBack offers the GTFX and GVFX lines of inverters for grid-interactive applications.

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HESS is expandable and is designed and housed in easily transportable shipping containers with scalable power output in 100kW increments continuing upward depending on site and project requirements.

The capacity of HESS system can be extended by connecting containers in parallel on the AC side with additional battery containers available to extend the storage capacity as demand grows.

The system can be operated as a hybrid solar/diesel grid solution and manages smooth switchover between solar/diesel/battery or as a stand-alone islanding application.

The HESS technology is designed to work with micro-grids for facilities such as remote mining, energy, oil, gas, infrastructure and construction sites as well as isolated marine facilities, universities, hotels, resorts and companies operating in environmentally sensitive areas where fossil fuel pollution is an issue.

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